Demonstration Videos

Below are various videos showing the Rack & Roll loading system in use, the system works with most style kayaks, stand up paddle boards, or canoes. 

Loading a Dagger Exodus 16.1

  • Hull Weight: 30kg
  • Hull Length: 5.13m (16'1")

Use of Rack & Roll with a Sea Kayak, if cradles are installed simply lift the kayak into cradles druing the loading.
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Loading a Hobie Mirage Eclipse 12.0

  • Weight in Bag 26.7kg
  • Hull Length: 3.66m (12')

Loading and unloading the Hobie Mirage Eclipse 12 using the Rack & Roll
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Loading a Hobie Pro Angler

  • Fitted Hull Weight: 49.90kg
  • Hull Length: 3.66m (12')

This video was prepared by one of our customers to demonstrate how easy the system is to use when loading a Hobie Pro Angler onto their 4WD 
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Loading a Hobie Adventure Island

  • Fitted Hull Weight: 39.24kg
  • Hull Length: 4.88m (16')

This video was prepared by Josh Holmes as a review for his then website 'Yakabout' you can find more of his videos at 
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Loading a Viking Nemo 2+1 

  • Hull Weight: 27kg
  • Hull Length: 3.9m 

This video was prepared by the team at Kayaks and Sup 
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