What do I need to do to install Rack & Roll?


Rack & Roll - Universal Loading Solution is a removable loading device and comes in different models to suit major roof rack brands.

Your Rack & Roll is ready to use out of the box, however with roof racks that utilise a rubber strip along the top one adjustment needs to be made to the roof racks prior to use.


This is the case primarily if you are using a RRSPORT, RRAERO, RRIND, RRRAK or RRPRO Rack & Roll


As shown below, a section of the rubber in the top of the roof rack (55mm long) needs to be removed where the Rack & Roll’s front (upper) bracket rests. This needs to be done so that the front bracket of the Rack & Roll can sit flush with the top of the roof rack ensuring a firm fit.

Depending on the length of your racks, this may be at the very end of the roof rack or further along the bar.

The rubber strip can be peeled up and cut with scissors.

If you wish, the removed piece of rubber can be re-inserted when the Rack & Roll is not in use.


Note: Resting the Rack & Roll onto your roof racks before cutting the rubber strip will allow you to work out where the front bracket will sit while ensuring that the lock bar underneath can pivot into place without fowling on the roof racks foot.


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